Radio Frequency + Vacuum = Viora by Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics

The first review I’ve written regarding Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics was focused on their product called Celesty Glow. This time, it’s about one of their aesthetic services.

Just to give you an idea of how their establishment looks like, here are some snapshots:

Going to Shinagawa

Going to Shinagawa

Shinagawa's Celesty lobby

Shinagawa’s Celesty lobby

Shinagawa's business permits

Shinagawa’s business permits

Radio frequency with vacuum? Does it sound like an experiment from Beakman’s World? What I’m pertaining to is actually a slimming and skin tightening service by Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetic called Viora.

I was finally able to try this on my waist/abdomen last week. For the first part, I’ll share what it’s going to do to your body, while the second part is all about what I felt and experienced. This is pretty short, really.

Viora is a treatment that is designed to help the blood circulate better. The skin and nerves are stimulated by heat and the vacuum, which will result in tighter skin and a slimmer physique. It’s done using a big machine that has a long hose that connects to a rod that is approximately 1 1/2 feet long with a black rubber end. It kinda looks like one of those electric hand-held beaters, only waaay longer and fancier. There are 4 settings to choose from – 1 being the lightest pinch to 4 for a heavier pinch. The heavier the vacuum, the shorter the treatment. If I recall what’s on their chart, Viora on the 4th setting will last for 20 minutes. The lighter the vacuum, the longer the treatment will be.

Viora document

Viora document (just had to edit out my signature)

Here’s my experience: I had to wait a bit because there were lots of other customers. It is best to set and appointment at all times by calling (02) 4910000. First part is the consultation with the doctor. They explain what the treat is about and if you have any allergies or health issues. After getting the go signal from the doctor, I was made to wait in the VIP room. The waiver and Viora info form was given to me to read and sign while they prepared the treatment room. The document clearly sets a customer’s expectations. There is another document called the Patient Consent form that has to be signed too.

Viora machine and treatment room

Viora machine and treatment room

I had to remove all the metals that I was wearing (necklace. and upper undergarment due to the underwire) since we might get shocked or electrocuted (the person giving me the treatment and I). She explained how the treatment would make me feel and that we were going to try all 4 levels. Levels 1 and 2 gave off a bit of heat and a light pinch. Level 3 felt more of a heavier pinch, while 4 felt like somewhat of an angry pinch. I couldn’t stand Level 4, so I she turned it back to 3. The end of the rod was repeatedly pressed against every portion of my waist and abdomen for a couple of seconds. There were times wherein it kinda hurt, but I wasn’t able to dwell on it much since the Shinagawa technician chatted up me. She also mentioned that some people get some light bruising, but it usually disappears in a couple of days. She also explained that regularly getting this treatment also helps in making the skin look better. So the 20 minutes was up, and my abdomen and waist felt quite tender. The technician also told me that the treated area should not get wet within 24 hours.

The next day, my tummy and waist hurt even more – but I was warned. It felt like I was made to do 5 sets of ab crunches (30 reps each set) after not exercising for a year. I had difficulty sitting and reaching stuff around me, since the waist part of my jeans kept pushing against my waist and abdomen area. I should have worn a dress instead of a pair of jeans. Note to self: Wear dresses up to 2 days after I get the treatment again. I will have the second treatment done next week together with the whitening infusion. I’ll tell you about that too after I try it out. I’m not sure yet of how effective it was for me (since the document clearly stated that the effects would be obvious after 2-4 treatments), so I’ll tell you about it after my third or fourth session. I gotta say, it must’ve been really effective. If no pain, no gain is the truth, then I definitely gained a lot from the treatment.

Here’s the current Viora price list:

Php 4,000     –     Arms

Php 5,000     –     Buttocks

Php 8,000     –     Abdomen and Waist

Php 4,000     –     Thigh (inner or outer)

*All prices are subject to change without prior notice. *No additional professional or service charge.
For more details and other services provided by Shinagawa Lasik and AestheticsPhilippines:
Mezzanine, Tower 2, The Enterprise Center, 6766 Ayala Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas, Makati City
(02) 491-0000
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Follow them on twitter: @shinagawa_ph

Xenical. What it does and what you should do.

Xenical a.k.a. Orlistat is a well-known anti-obesity drug. I’m not writing this to thoroughly explain its chemical composition, history, and how people with diabetes or high-blood pressure could benefit from this. I’m just going to tell you about why I’ve been taking it and what I have experienced.



I’m an “emotional eater.” Around late 2009, I became quite depressed. I ate more and started to gain even more weight than I did after I’ve given birth (which was in 2006). My tummy and waistline have become quite big and I felt so unattractive, which is why I finally decided to take this. I’ve heard of its effects and amazing results on some well-known celebrities and politicians. I also heard that it’s safe to use, unlike Bangkok pills and the others that cause palpitations.

In November of 2009, I bought a box of 21 capsules. I read the insert slowly and carefully since I’ve heard of the side effects. Check out: for more info.

I took it within an hour after every meal. It specifically said that if it’s been more than an hour since you’ve had your meal, don’t take it anymore. Probably because the food’s already in the middle of being digested by the stomach. Just take it again within an hour after your next meal.

mid-2011, before I took Xenical

mid-2011, before I took Xenical

It was a nerve-wracking first day. I thought I was already about to experience the so-called nasty side effects that night, but that didn’t happen. After the second day of using it (still for 3 times a day), still nothing. Then came the third day. Olah. Here’s what I’ve been waiting for. I’ve noticed that I have become flatulent. My stomach was also churning/rumbling very loudly. Pooping was a very… err.. airy, oily, and “loose” event. The oil excreted was also really stinky and thick. But right after that, I’ve noticed that my stomach was less bloated. I felt lighter.

After 3 – 4 days of very oily farts and loose, oily and airy poops (and was even uncontrollable at some point), I started to modify my diet. I no longer made a habit of eating fried, sauteed, or “instant” food. I had low fat milk and corn flakes in the morning. Well, for lunch, I didn’t really change anything – it was still the usual meat/fish, veggies, and a cup of rice combo for me. Dinner was mostly either corn flakes with low-fat milk or no dinner at all. Xenical trained me to be more careful of what I eat. I also noticed that after a month of continually using it, I’ve begun to look better in my clothes. My double chin became less prominent, and my boobs no longer looked like  over-inflated balloons (when a girl becomes fat, her boobs become even bigger too). Poop and fart-wise, the flatulence and oiliness became less. I did become more depressed at times, but I really am not sure if it’s because of the effects of the drug.

Here’s the thing. I can’t tell you how many pounds or kilos I’ve lost since I didn’t really like checking my weight. However, an effective way of checking my weight-loss is via my old clothes. After 3 months of continuous use (still  just once or twice a day), I shrank to a medium and then small. I was finally able to wear my old clothes again (the ones I had before I got pregant). My tummy, hips and thighs have become smaller. I was able to wear shorts again after 3 years. During our photo shoot last year, I was able to wear a little dress that was quite revealing.


from our shoot sometime in 2011

Late last year, I had Mr. Gabby Gonzales as a guest on the show. He also explained that Xenical is a drug that is not absorbed by the body.

With Mr. Gabby Gonzales
Brand Manager – OTC – Roche

I was very lucky to interview Roche’s Brand Manager, Mr. Gabby Gonzales.

Verdict: Xenical is a 100% effective anti-obesity drug, but it has its drawbacks. Airy and loose poop should be expected, but again, it all depends on your diet. I’ve also read that since it removes a lot of oil from what you’ve eaten, some vitamins (A&D) may not processed properly from what you’ve eaten. Just be ready with your vitamin supplements, just to be sure. Since it’s also a drug prescribed by doctors to patients with diabetes and high blood pressure, you can definitely feel safe that this is safe and effective. It’s not like any of the other products out there with the “NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC CLAIM” since Xenical is FDA approved.

Xenical is an over-the-counter drug and is roughly P45 per capsule. Again, I guarantee that it really works. It will work gradually, but surely.

Visit the ff for more info:

Like Xenical on facebook too for product updates, promos, and freebies:

Special thanks to Mr. Gabby Gonzales for dropping by on the show!


UPDATE: The price of Xenical has been reduced to just P35 a pop. Just in time to get yourselves fit for summer.

Skin Care Line Review: Celesty Glow by Shinagawa

This is my first time to use a complete skin care line (or an almost complete one). My skin has always been low maintenance, but I wouldn’t say no to something like this.

If you check and, you’d see that the first one shows the order of usage. The second site provides instructions regarding how to use these products correctly.

This is the complete set of Celesty Glow:

Celesty Glow by Shinagawa

Celesty Glow by Shinagawa

Unfortunately, I don’t have the cleansing soap and the moisturizing gel. I’ll only be able to properly describe the effects of the ones that I have been using.

Celesty 6 Steps Facial Care

Celesty 6 Steps Facial Care

I’ve started using this on March 16, so I have already been using these for more than a week. Here are some of the instructions and what its effects are on my skin:

Step 1:  Celesty Glow Whitening Cleansing Soap

(I don’t have this, so I just copied the info from the Celesty website.)

Celesty Glow Whitening Cleansing Soap

Celesty Glow Whitening Cleansing Soap

(Just click on the picture to make the text a bit clearer)

Step 2: Celesty Glow Whitening Peeling Gel

Celesty Glow Whitening Peeling Gel

Celesty Glow Whitening Peeling Gel

This is the first time I’ve used a peeling gel on my face. It’s massages on the face and dries up real fast. After that,  I rinse it off  thoroughly with warm water. According to the description, it has a grapefruit scent – which is something I’m not really fond of (I thought the smell was because of the AHA), but I believe this made the skin around my lips and near the chin smoother. I used to have some really tiny bumps in those areas, which noticeably disappeared after 4 days of using this product.

Step 3: Celesty Glow Extreme Whitening Toner

Celesty Glow Extreme Whitening Toner

Celesty Glow Extreme Whitening Toner

Thing is, I was never really a fan of toners. For the longest time, I really thought that a toner is totally unnecessary. But when I used this, I was really surprised that it really removes deep-seated dirt, even after I’ve already washed my face. It also makes my skin feel really supple and elastic. It does live up to the 3 C’s: Clear, clean, and clog-free.

Step 4. Celesty Glow Extreme Whitening Essence

Celesty Glow Extreme Whitening Toner

Celesty Glow Extreme Whitening Essence

Now, THIS is my favorite product. The first time I used it, I thought it felt quite sticky (because I kept touching my face right after applying it). When it dried, I was amazed of how smooth my skin felt! It was like my skin was enveloped in super thin gelatin. My skin felt so smooth and light, that is why I promised myself that this is one product I will never live without. It may be pricey, but it’s worth splurging on.

Step 5: Celesty Glow Extreme Moisturizer

(I don’t have this one either, so I just took the details from the website as well. I really wish I had this too. It seems like the moisturizer’s formula would bind so well with the Extreme Whitening Essence.)

Celesty Glow Extreme Moisturizer

Celesty Glow Extreme Moisturizer

Step 6: Celesty UV White

Celesty UV White

Celesty UV White

According to the website, this only needs to be used in the morning. I, on the other hand, believe that as long as you’re under or infront of lights or monitors, UV protection creams/lotions should still be used. This is SPF 50 and already serves as my moisturizer. I wear it under my make up, and seems to be working really well with my skin.

Verdict: It’s a really good skin care line. I didn’t experience any break outs, and my skin didn’t need to adjust to it. Yes, it’s pricier compared to some of the other skin care lines available in the market, but it makes the skin feel and look marvelous almost immediately. You don’t even need to wait for a week to see its effects. If you have the means to splurge on beauty products, this is something you won’t regret using.

If you want to try it out first (they offer testers at the Celesty lobby in Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetic Center), visit them at this location:

Mezzanine, Tower 2, The Enterprise Center
6766Ayala Ave. cor.Paseo de Roxas
Makati City, Philippines
House of Celesty: and
Twitter: @Shinagawa_PH

Super Bowl of China’s Unli Yang Chow Fried Rice and FREE Crispy Fish Fillet!

I’m no Barney Stinson – but this is “aaawesoooome!” (Not to mention LEGEN… wait for it.. DARY! LEGENDARY!” LOL!)

From March 16 to April 30, Super Bowl of China will run the Unli Yang Chow Fried Rice promo. This is available on weekdays from 12 – 2pm and 6 – 8pm. For only P50 per person, have as much Yang Chow fried rice as you possibly can! This goes perfectly well with the regular portion menu, which happens to be good for 2.

Check these out:

weekdays (12-2pm, 6-8pm)

Kung Food? Go Unli Yang Chow fried rice!

(good for 2)

This is definitely perfect for lunch and dinner. 😀

They’re even giving away a free Crispy Fish Fillet in light soy sauce. Just print out the coupon found on the Super Bowl of China website ( and present when you dine-in. Check out the “What’s New? –> Promos” tab.

Like Superbowl of China on facebook and follow @SBChinaResto on twitter for updates.

Super Bowl of China’s Super Solo Meals

Chinese food. Yum!

If you were alone and wanted to eat in a Chinese restaurant, will P150 buy you a full, good quality meal? Answer: Not really. BUT in Super Bowl of China, it definitely can!

If you wanted to have sea food and rice while your friend wanted beef,  you no longer need to compromise on what to order. You can still eat what you want while staying within your budget.

Take a look at this price list:

  • P99   – Sweet and Sour Pork
  • P109 – Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet
  • P109 – Fish Fillet with Taosi
  • P109 – Roast Chicken
  • P119 – Assorted Seafood
  • P119 – BBQ Pork Asado
  • P129 – Pork Ribs and Mushroom
  • P129 – Golden Shanghai Chicken
  • P129 – Beef with Onion
  • P139 – Steamed Chicken with Mushroom
  • P139 – Beef with Broccoli
  • P159 – Braised Beef Brisket

Check out the photo below:

For meals as low as P99!

Like Super Bowl of China on facebook and follow them on twitter @SBChinaResto to see the latest promos!

Log on to for the full list of menu, branches, and promotions.

Lasik for only P24,999 at Shinagawa Lasik & Asthetics

Did the title catch your attention? It’s so awesome that we have Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics as a sponsor of our radio show. This is the write up that I got from them:

Great news to ALL STUDENTS and CALL CENTER AGENTS out there. This awesome offer is for you!

Are you tired of wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses?

Starting this month, Shinagawa Lasik (the world’s largest eye surgery provider) offers an unbelievable rate of P24,999 for a LASIK procedure to bring back your 20/20 vision. All you have to do is visit Shinagawa at The Enterprise Tower in Ayala Ave. and present a valid ID for you to avail of this limited offer (only this summer).

For more details, please call (02) 491 0000.

Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics Philippines
Japan’s #1 cosmetic surgery chain and world’s largest Intralasik eye surgery provider
Mezzanine, Tower 2, The Enterprise Center, 6766 Ayala Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, Philippines
(02) 491-0000

Ystilo Would Never Go Out of Style

Don’t you just hate how noisy some salons can be? Have you experienced having your forehead and cheeks shampooed too? Or how about having your scalp scrubbed like there’s no tomorrow?

These are some of my salon pet peeves, and I was really amazed that I didn’t experience any of these in Ystilo salon. When I first stepped in, I was greeted cheerfully by Ms. Riza (and she didn’t even know who I was yet). That definitely set the tone of my entire experience.

the gentle way my hair and scalp were treated made me smile

I was shampooed with very gentle hands (Jennilyn and Shiela, you ladies have the magic touch) and was later assisted by Sr. Stylist Gin Sanico. He had a gentle voice and was very honest and straight-forward in giving recommendations regarding what color I should have. Ms. Riza approached us ask if we wanted any beverages. Don’t you just love being treated like you own the place?

getting my fill of some local showbiz scene 😀

So back to my hair color. I opted for medium blonde. Sir Gin shared some facts and his personal experiences regarding hair coloring which includes this one: hair coloring would be best done only twice a year and every three months, but no earlier than that. He sounded very professional yet warm throughout our entire conversation. While I my hair baked in the dye, I observed the people and the other employees of Ystilo. I was really surprised with how professional everyone was. You don’t hear them talking about who didn’t report for work, what they had for lunch and what happened to them on their way to work. People kept coming in (I was observing that too), getting services such as “Airbrush” make-up, rebonding (they currently have a 50% off promo), keratin treatment, manicure, pedicure and foot spa. I was even pleasantly surprised to know that they offer gel nails. I’ve been looking for it for quite some time.

(Ms. Pilita Corales’ nails rock!)

Please don’t force me to have gel nails!” LOL!

Sir Gin checked my roots to see if the color had already set (we just had to wait for one more minute) and then left me in Shiela’s very capable hands. The shampoo experience was absolutely the same. It’s like these ladies have been trained to make sure that the scalp and hair of their customer is treated with utmost care. Really, I was very happy with what I experience. Even the blow drying part fast yet not painful in any way. My hair wasn’t tugged and brushed like they were in a  hurry to service the next customer and my hair wasn’t poofy or too curled at the bottom. I couldn’t stop comparing my previous salon experiences (and these are the high-end salons too) to what I was getting from Ystilo.

All in all, it was such a great experience. If you don’t believe me, try the nearest Ystilo salon in your area (check out for the stores list) so you can experience it yourself.

some of the awesome staff of Ystilo Salon Greenhills

A warm thanks to the awesome people of Ystilo Salon Greenhills. Thanks to Ms. Aimee too for hooking me up with Ystilo.

For services and promo updates, make sure that you like Ystilo Salon on facebook.

They currently have 24 branches and this is the branch that I visited (and will be frequenting):